Your Income Statement – Where do I get it from?

Your Income Statement – Where do I get it from?

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No more ‘Group Certificates’ or ‘PAYG Payment Summaries’ with STP

What changes this year?

Your employer now reports your wages through STP and every time you are paid, your tax (PAYG) and super information is sent the ATO in real time.

This means that when your payroll information is finalised for the financial year with the ATO, your ‘tax ready’ Income Statement will become available via your myGov account.

Your employer has until 31 July 2020 to prepare and submit the STP finalisation.

Your year-to-date tax and super information is updated and available via your myGov account after each pay day.

How to access my tax and super information via myGov?

You need to log into your myGov account and select ATO Online Services.

  • You can use your mobile number or email address to sign in.
  • Click on My Profile at the top of the screen.
  • Select My Employment and Income Statement.

    It may take a few days after each pay day for the system to update your information.

The year-to-date information is the total payments made by your employer since the beginning of the financial year.

You can also see the amount of super that has been paid by your employer.

How do I provide my Tax Agent with my Income Statement?

Your Tax Agent is also able to access your Single Touch Payroll information and your Income Statement via their tax software, you don’t need to provide them with a printout.

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